What is this blog about anyways?

I have had this domain since 2003. Originally, I wanted to make video games and Chaosplay was supposed to be a video games studio.

But then it was mostly a blog. I blogged about video games and programming. A bit about personal life. Eventually my focus was on photography, so I blogged about photography.

When we became parents, I was blogging about parenting.

I wasn’t a consistent blogger. I stopped blogging many times. Also several times I wiped old posts and restarted blog with clean slate.

Recently, I was using this blog as a bookmarking service. Basically, I would post just links that I wanted to bookmark. The idea being that I can go back and find this link from any computer or machine.

Failed side-projects

At the same time, I had several technical and business side-projects. I have built apps, started ecommerce sites, and now I am studying for real estate license.

Most of the side-projects were short lived. Longest I worked on a side-project was Yardale, a better looking Craig’s List clone back in 2008-09. I spent about 1 year on it.

But blogging is my longest project

This led me to realize that one thing I usually don’t consider a project is this blog. But if we include blogging into side-projects, then this is my longest running project. And I enjoy writing about different topics. If I pay proper attention to this blog, it can be my serious project.

A lot of time I worry that I don’t really have to say anything important to say and there are thousands of other blogs on topics that I blog about.

Recently, I read Nathan Barry, this post. This made me think that writing like any other skill can be improved with deliberate practice. And eventually writing about programming, real estate, parenting, and other topics might lead me to new business and career opportunities.

So my immediate goal is to publish one blog post of at least 250 words daily for next 100 days. Now I might write these blogs in bulk and schedule them to go out later in the week. But goal is to write a lot for next 100 days. This should not only help improve my writing but also help me focus with my short and long -term goals.