Stranger Things 3 – Gross

So disappointed with Stranger Things 3. Spoilers ahead.

First, there was no suspense. Now I would say this is not a spoiler because you already knew Russian were trying to open the gateway to upside down world. To be fair, location of their facility was a bit of surprise.

Second, instead of nostalgic, it was awkward. As a kid who grew up in 80s, the first season had amazing nostalgic feelings. In 3rd season, kids are teens but still behaving like kids. That just feels weird. And then clothes for men and boys seems a bit exaggerated of 80s style. It is possible I don’t remember how people dressed back then especially since I grew up in Saudi Arabia but I don’t remember seeing people dressed like that in the movies from 80s.

Finally, it was just gross. The shots of rats exploding and turning into goop were just too long. Sure life is gross, but I was not expecting gross factor from this show. The first season didn’t show any gross or gory stuff but it was scarier.

Photo by Puneeth Shetty on Unsplash