WordPress to Hugo to WordPress to Hugo

I moved all my blogs back to Hugo. I have gone back and forth between Wordpress and Hugo several times. WordPress makes it really easy to write and publish content. On this domain, I was using WordPress as a bookmarking service. With PressThis plugin, I was able to use a bookmarklet and publish a new post from any page on the web. But that plugin has not been updated in a while and it seems with every new WordPress release something would break. A few times, I was able to hack it to keep going. But lately, I cannot keep up with it. I will have to figure out a better way to bookmark but for now, I didn’t want to deal with WordPress. And easy bookmarking was the only reason why I was using WordPress.

My other blogs were on WordPress as it is not a lot of work to host additional blogs on an existing server. But now that I don’t really need WordPress, I didn’t want the additional overhead of maintaining a server. So I migrated all blogs back to Hugo. I will slowly work on updating theme and everything.

New Focus in 2021

Over last few weeks, I have been doing a lot of leet code and learning data science. I will focus this blog on basically what I am learning. Which is basically what my bookmarks were. Now I am thinking maybe once a week, I summarize and post here what I have learned or read in that week.

I am also very impressed with Part-time Larry, and want emulate him. Trading and algorithmic tradings are some of my favorite hobbies, and I have following his tutorials as fun way to learn python and algotrading. The main topics of this blog will be:

  1. LeetCode (JavaScript and Python)
  2. Data Science
  3. Algorithmic Trading
  4. Trading

I want to make it a resource for learning especially for those who don’t like to watch videos.