This is a personal blog of a father, husband, software engineer, and real estate agent. I am based in Dallas, Texas. Over years focus of this blog has changed. These days, it is focused on parenting, exploring DFW, real estate, and programming. I love being father. It is one of the greatest joy of life. We got a small Bichon Frise and Poodle mix. Pool is our natural habitat.

Over years I had many hobbies but I was lucky that programming was one of my hobbies. Now programming pays for all my other hobbies. Lately, I am challenging myself to relearn all basic computer science algorithms and really enjoying LeetCode exercises.

I freelance as a programmer/general IT person. I can help with PHP and JavaScript based projects, provide assistance with Docker and Kubernetes. Also I can help you debug your code on Zoom session. Or I can provide general consulting, interview prep, resume review. Feel free to contact if you have any question related to programming, technology, etc.

In addition to programming, I work as a REALTOR. I really enjoy discussing real estate and it gives me opportunities to explore Dallas and meet great new people. I specialize in new constructions, if you know anyone who is looking for a new home, please let me know. Also I can provide you referrals for great real estate agents if you are looking for a preowned home. Feel free to ask me any question related to real estate.