Level up as a Software Engineer

I have been team lead for last couple of years. After team lead, you usually need to decide if you want to grow in people management path or follow individual contributor’s path. However, both of these paths mean writing less code and working at abstract levels. I am happy writing code. It still pays pretty well and it is very satisfying at the end of the day.

I have been hooked on problems at LeetCode.com, it feels great to relearn various algorithms. Of course, LeetCode.com is used primarily by job seekers but it is good site to level up as programmer. And it doesn’t hurt that it will prepare you for whiteboard interview questions.

Another area I have been interested in is Data Science. At work, I have asked for data science projects and also using for building some basic algorithmic trading strategies. I will probably sign up for DataCamp or some other Data Science course soon.

I think a software engineer with data science skills will be interesting next step in my career.

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