Easterseals daycare and developmental delays

Being father is one of the most rewarding experience. And it comes with a whole new set of worries. One of those worries is developmental milestones.

Ayden is behind is gross motors skills milestones. One of the reasons why he might be behind the milestones is that he is very chill baby/toddler. He was always contend playing with whatever was near him. We needed to provide him a lot of motivation to get him to move.

He was going to some really good daycares but there students to teacher ratio was too high. And teachers were not able to provide enough attention to Ayden. So Ayden was falling behind. In Texas, babies to teacher ratios required by law is 4 to 1. We also had therapist from Early Childhood Intervention program visit him at the daycare and they told us that it was a mess.

Luckily, we found Easterseals Carrollton. Over here babies to teacher ratio is 2 to 1 when we started. Right now, it is even lower. Most of the teachers have advanced degrees in child development. They also treat and enroll children with autism. Teachers are extremely nice and patient. And then they are non-profit. And because they are non-profit, their cost is lower than other daycares where teacher to student ratio is much higher.

And then they have a lot of different services like physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc. Therapists and teachers interact and learn from each other.

We are so grateful for Easterseals and tell everyone about it.