One of my ideal career is of writer. As a writer, you have freedom to work from anywhere, whenever, and get inspirations from whatever. When I am working on my programming side-projects, I usually get impatient if I am doing something unproductive. Since I started 250 words challenge, I am always looking for ideas for my next blog post form whatever we are doing; watching movies, running errands, enjoying books.

I have attempted to write novels many times, and usually I ran out of steam within a few days. But have been writing blog posts in one form or another since 2002. Only problem is that I never thought blogging as a serious writing. It is more like my stream of conciseness. Sometimes I post affiliate links here and have made a few hundred dollars from those links.

Now that I have challenged myself to write at least 250 words everyday, I feel like that blogging can be my serious side-hustle. Also I have restarted listening to Side Hustle School podcast and there are plenty of examples of people generating serious income from their blogs. It does require more focus writing and marketing efforts though.

I like to keep this blog open to writing whatever strikes my mind but I will try to focus this around real estate, photography, and parenting.

Real Estate

Real Estate is easy. I am working towards my real estate license, then I plan to work part-time as agent and look into real estate investments opportunities. This blog will be perfect place to post about this journey.


Photography is easy too. I used to post a lot of photography here. Lately, I am reposting my old photographs here. And as I start exploring DFW for real estate opportunities, I will start taking more photos and post here.


Parenting is the main reason why I am looking into real estate. I want a job which will let me spend more time with Ayden. As a reader, I read a lot of parenting books and there is so much to share. And while this is crowded space but combined with other focuses of this blog, this blog might stand out.

Photo by José Alejandro Cuffia on Unsplash