Baby vs Dog

It is amazing how having your own kids changes everything.

I love my my dog and because of him I love almost all dogs. I hated leaving him home, so much, that I would not go to restaurants that don’t let dogs in patio. (With Whiskey Cake being notable exception). Every grocery trip, I would buy him a new toy, many times had arguments with wife because he had too many toys. Every vacation we would have huge argument because I wanted dog friendly vacation where we can take our dog.

Once I saw a friend’s child being rough with their dog and dog growled back. My friend got mad at the dog and put him in the crate. In my pre-fatherhood mind, this was horrible injustice. I knew enough to not say anything but I thought to myself I will never do that.

And then I have my own child. Initially, I was treating my dog and my son equally. If I buy a new toy for Ayden, I will get one for Simba too. Simba slept in bed with us while baby slept in the crib.

But soon I find myself favoring baby over dog. Started to leave Simba at home so we can go sit inside the restaurant with a/c. Buying toys for Ayden without buying anything for Simba. Now I sleep with Ayden and Simba sleeps on floor.

And now I find myself disciplining Simba if he growls even if it was Ayden who was being rough with him. Baby changes everything.