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DizzyDoo 23 hours ago | unvote [-]I write (program, paint, animate, market, and so on) computer games like this one1. The recent economic troubles haven’t effected me negatively that much, instead it’s been a positive thing as more people are home and playing more games. I don’t necessarily want to ‘profit’ from all the hardship around, but I’m glad to provide products that entertain and hopefully make the current situation a bit more bearable – that feels good.I got started over 10 years ago now, making Flash-based games and licensing them to various web portal and publishers, which was good money for a student back then! A little indie game developer golden age where you’d get a lot of players and also a few thousand dollars per game without too much trouble. I went on from there doing self-published games that anyone can buy on Steam or the Mac Store, both of which provide about 90% of my revenue, and the remaining 10% are from smaller stores and game distributors.1… <- My current project.

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